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Why Following Up With Your Leads Is Essential

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

A big reason for not closing a lead is a lack of engagement on the sales representative’s side. We all know the situation: a lead comes in, a sales representative tries to reach out once or twice, and that’s where the story ends. In fact, sales representatives only make 1.3 call attempts on average before giving up on a lead! This can change.

Be The First

We are here to help. Instead of making phone calls and potentially giving up after two tries, we have something better. Our lead outreach is fully automated and reaches out to new leads within 10 seconds! Our AI will send a text to any pre-qualified lead, which gives you an indisputable advantage over your competitors. The mere 10 seconds it takes to contact your lead automatically means your product and service get to the customer first. And, since 78% of people buy from the first company they speak to, being first is crucial. It’s the perfect way to sell to your leads and increase your convergence rates.

Be Consistent

No longer does a sales representative have to call an entire list of leads. Our AI will do the

work for you, and even more importantly: it will follow-up for you too! The AI can make up to 10 additional connection attempts via call and text to ensure you connect with the lead and make the sale. These 10 attempts are invaluable to your business. In fact, 10 contact attempts by our AI is 770% higher than the average of 1.3 calls a sales representative makes! Besides, most sales representatives only speak to 27% of their leads. Our service will contact 100% of your leads, increasing your outreach by 73%. But this is not where it ends.

Be In Touch

Our automated tool also sets appointments for you. Our AI will text and call a lead, and

then contact a sales representative only when the customer is actually on the phone, thus connecting you directly to your lead. And when we can’t live call patch the lead, we schedule an appointment for later. Thus, you will always be in touch with your leads. No more voicemails and no more conflicting schedules! Our service will take over an invaluable amount of work, allowing you to increase your convergence rates. Following up with your leads is essential, and our service will help you. We will automatically contact 100% of your new leads with a text within 10 seconds, follow up with them

for up to 10 times, schedule appointments for you, and make sure you get the most out of your leads. It’s time to stop wasting valuable leads, and it’s time to start utilizing their interest in your service and product to the fullest. BoostedEnterprise is here to help with that.

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