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New Way Of Advertisement

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

The traditional ways of advertisement are well known. Billboards, radio and television ads, door knocking, and referrals have been around for decades and won’t go away any time soon. But solely relying on traditional advertising without an online presence is an unnecessary loss. It’s time to expand your brand and establish a social media presence!


One way in which a social media presence is perfect for you is the multi-way aspect. Traditional advertising is one-way: from your brand to your customer. There’s little opportunity to engage, receive feedback, and figure out what your clients really desire. Social media is completely different! It creates an excellent opportunity for you to promote your product and service very cheaply and efficiently, and for your customers to take initiative to reach out and give feedback. And none of it takes much time or effort! Your potential client base is endless on the internet, and you get to grow your brand awareness without limits. Not actively engaging with your clients and potential clients through social media is a lost opportunity.

Social Media

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms, the internet is a vast and endless desert of growth opportunities. Posting pictures of your best products and services on Instagram to potentially reach millions of people, or sharing special sales or promotions on Facebook attracts a much wider and younger audience than traditional marketing alone. The average 20-year-old spends up to three ours per day on their phone, most of it on social media, where YOU can make a difference! Throughout the world, we see small, local businesses growing and profiting from social media. An example of this is ‘Brothers Pizza,’ a local pizza place in Las Vegas, Nevada. While only a local franchise with five locations, ‘Brothers Pizza’ acquired over 16 thousand followers on their Instagram, many of them outside of Las Vegas! This is just one mere example of the growth of brand awareness that companies experience through social media. And you could and should be one of them!

Take Action!

While traditional advertising has proven to be effective and the cornerstone of any company trying to promote its service or product, social media can revolutionize your business. The multi-way aspect of social media allows you to connect to your customers quickly and effectively and vice-versa. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s viable! Social media also offers you endless growth opportunities and chances to expand your brand awareness. Countless businesses profit from an active presence and sense of community online, so why aren’t you? It’s time to establish a social media presence and advertise your business online. It’s time to embrace the future and find a much larger audience, just clicks away on your computer. It’s time to revolutionize your business!

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