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How To Track Your Data


All the marketing in the world will be of little help if it cannot be tracked properly. You need to know what's working and what isn't in order to optimize it. If an ad is not engaging as much as it should, it may need to be adjusted. Your website may have content put in a place where customers cannot find it easily. All of these scenarios can be tracked by using the resources listed here.

Google Gmail Account

A Google Gmail account will be the starting point for all your tracking efforts. It provides an easily accessible, seamless single-stop for your Analytics and Console information. It's important to ensure that the account is new and unused to prevent any conflicts with other services that may be attached to the account. Even better, claim a domain and use a business email instead. This is way more professional than a regular Gmail, Hotmail or any email provider. You can create a business email for every employee.

Google Gmail Account

Register a G Suite account. There, you can create multiple emails with the same domain. You can claim a domain via Google, but also with any domain provider such as GoDaddy (this is the most popular one).

Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful set of tools for tracking your customers online behaviour. From simple things like demographics and page visits, to more detailed real-time data on mobile usage, Analytics is a must-have for any business online. We use analytics for our website as well to get a lot of detailed and important information about our visitors.

Google Console Account

Google Search Console is a little-known but powerful free service that allows you to monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results. The purpose is to help you understand how Google views your site and from there optimize its performance in search results. It allows you to answer some very

powerful questions such as:

  • Which keyword queries caused your site to appear in search results?

  • Did some keyword queries result in more traffic to your site than others?

  • Which sites are linking to your website?

  • Is your site performing well for mobile visitors?

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