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How To Set Up A Google My Business Account And Facebook Business Account

Why it is important to have a Google My Business account as a solar company

Google My Business allows business owners to have their business information show up when people search for their business. If for example a customer searches for XYZ company, instead of getting a standard search result which links to the XYZ company's website, the customer instead sees a detailed breakdown of your business, including contact information, location in Google Maps and opening hours. You can add photos and other info on there as well. This information is much more useful for the customer and helps you stand out from other similar businesses. Don't just limit yourself to Google My Business. Making use of other directories such as Bing, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau and even Facebook will help increase your visibility. Also, create a Facebook Business account for your business.

Post stuff on your Google My Business page and Facebook Page

Keep updating the pictures on your Google My Business account with new installs, happy customers, employees and reviews. Keep in mind that if your business information changes (new phone number, new location, etc.), you'll have to update these directories manually.

Be active on your Facebook business page! Post new stuff regularly and invite your

friends and customers to like your page. You can also run a campaign and generate

1000 page likes with just 10 bucks spent (just put the targeting on worldwide). These

likes are real likes, they don’t disappear over time (this happens when you buy likes

because the accounts that liked are fake and get deleted by Facebook over time). It

doesn’t matter if people on the other side of the world liked your page, what matters

to new prospects is how many page likes you have. Page likes = Authority.

For the full solar marketing guide, send us a message via email, LinkedIn or Facebook.


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