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How to get positive reviews as a solar company?

Always ask happy customers to leave a positive review on Google. If they’re not happy, send them to your customer service to fix their problems. Never encourage them to leave a review before knowing if they’re likely to leave a positive one!

We use some tricks to generate positive reviews for our clients by sending their customers an automated email asking how they like their system and the service they received. They have two options, either that they’re positive or negative. When they click positive, we’ll send them directly to google (or Facebook) to leave the review. When they click negative, we’ll send them to the customer service of our clients to fix any issues they have. This prevents negative reviews appearing on your Google or Facebook page. This is not really allowed by Google (we don’t care, they’re not going to find out ;) ), but it’s just a nice trick to get those good reviews. Obviously, when you’re having a lot of unhappy clients, start working on the service you’re offering. In most cases, reviews on Google or Facebook are the first ones new prospects will see. It’s key to make sure they’re positive.

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