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Search Engine Optimization

Updated: May 13, 2021


SEO is the most important part of your website. It's also never ending, because you constantly have to add, delete and adjust things on you website. For this chapter, I'm going to list some easy to implement SEO tricks that will definitely help your website rank higher.

Create more content on there. Use Keywords you’d like to rank for. Don’t spam them, because Google will know when you’re using keywords in an illogical order.

Start a blog. This is one of the best ways of generating organic traffic. Again, use the keywords you’d like to rank for.

Use backlinks on every page. These are links that connect your pages to one another.

Post stuff about your website online (Facebook, Instagram, other website, ANYTHING). These links are all backlinks and will generate traffic towards your website.

Add subtopics on the content on your blog page. Send your site link to your prospects. Make sure they click the link and visit your website.

Write content in such a way that people keep reading, ultimately spending more time on your website.

Do a content audit: remove underperforming pages from your site.

Place your call to action buttons EVERYWHERE. Never have people searching for the way to contact you.

Remember, SEO can never be done perfectly. Google is keeping how the systems responsible for choosing which website rank higher than others a secret. Because of this, you’ll never reach “the end level”. You have to constantly improve and add content on there to keep it relevant for Google. When you use the tips I've listed above put into action, you will get a better ranking.

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