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Consistent Flow Of Pre-Qualified Leads

Never Drive To an Appointment For Nothing

Decide How Much You Want To Pay For Your Leads

Get Leads From Any County, Zip Code Or State.

Add Filters To Only Receive Your Perfect Customer


Pick Your Price


Pick the price of your leads and you'll never pay more than you want.

Pick Your Area


Pick your coverage, from zip code, to county, to state or the entire country. It's up to you. 

Pick Your Filters


Pick filters for your leads. Examples are financial requirements or home requirements. You can add filters in such a way that you'll only receive your perfect customer.


About LeadTap

Generating leads to keep business flowing can be a time consuming process, whether or not you use old or new marketing strategies.


Expensive marketing costs, inconsistent results, non-responding lead suppliers, unclear KPI’s, resold or poor leads, the list keeps going. LeadTap is an all-inclusive solution to these problems.

No longer do you have to struggle with keeping your reps busy, or worry about making new sales. 


We’ve made it easier than ever before, covering a wide variety of industries including Home Improvement (Roofing, HVAC, Gutters etc), Solar, Mortgage, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Home Insurance all across the United States.


How does it work? It’s very easy. 


Pick the maximum price you want to pay for your leads, and you will never pay too much with LeadTap. 


Pick your coverage area, from Zip Code, to county, to state or even the entire nation. 


Pick when you want to receive your leads, 24/7, specific days, or maybe at specific times. It’s up to you.


How many leads do you want to receive over a specific time period? Set your cap and you’ll never get more leads than you can handle. 


Pick filters so that you’ll only receive your ideal customer as a lead. Filters include financial requirements, home requirements and way way more. 


Pick your delivery methods. You can send the leads to a phone number, email, CRM and much more.


Check your campaign and hit launch, you're ready to go!


Everything in LeadTap is fully customizable, even after starting your campaign. You can always change things such as your cost per lead, your filters, your area coverage and more. 


There’s no need for shady upfront costs or high advertising budgets, everything is l transparent and clear. You only pay for your leads, and you only pay what a lead is worth to you. 


You can start today by filling out our onboarding form.


Fill out the contact form if you would like to send us a message or book a free consultation with one of our team members to learn more about the platform. 

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